Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adventures in Odyssey

Alright, if you have read much of my blog you may know that we LOVE Adventures in Odyssey around here! We have regular chore days - laundry folding especially -where Adventures in Odyssey stories are a huge part. Chores are so much more fun with Odyssey! We were given a large collection of Odyssey cassette tapes a couple of years ago which we have loved - but have you tried to find something that will play cassettes lately? They've about gone the way of the 8 track!

So, needless to say -the kids were crazy excited to get their very own CD of Adventures in Odyssey Cause and Effect to review this week! Cause and Effect contains over 5 hours of adventures and the thing I love is that we ALL love them! The stories are great for kids (and even adults) of all ages!

Our favorites on this CD were Mystery at the Clock Tower, Fast as I Can, and The Accidental Nanny. But, we love them all and you can be sure we will be listening to them again and again and again! I'd rather the kids listen to CD's like these instead of DVD's in the car while we travel-at least they are looking around and noticing the world around them to some extent AND there is so much more imagination involved - more brain usage! The spiritual message behind the stories is always awesome too! Can I just move to Whit's End?

You can listen to some Odyssey stories online on - we even download them to an MP3!

GO HERE to order this great CD set! The price is $24.99 and this set would make a great Christmas present!

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