Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rock Painting

We checked out this GREAT book from the library it is called Painting Animals on Rocks by Lin Wellford. Rocks are all the rage at our house right now. I finally told the kids all cool rocks must be kept OUTSIDE; so we have a large pile of them outside our front door.
Here's some of our cool creations. The book gives some really great details and instructions so these were really easy to do. They might be a great thing to slip into a Christmas stocking, my kids have loved playing with them. Ally has visions of painting up a bunch and selling them. Gracie is not quite finished working on the very large and heavy turtle.

They are so fun to hold in the palm of your hand.

Here's Ally's bunny, she did a great job on all the little details. We are in a VERY crafty mode around here, county fair art submissions have to be in next Friday. I've been right there with them painting and playing as well. We have already declared Tuesday ART DAY and are going to only do some Math and the minimum school work so that we can do lots of crafting.

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