Thursday, July 1, 2010

Princes and Frogs Sign

I love the Christian band Superchick! This sign was inspired by my favorite song of theirs called "Princes and Frogs." It is a song about purity and waiting for your prince! If you haven't heard it -you can hear it on you tube HERE. The sign reads, "All princes start as frogs - and all gentlemen as dogs. Just wait till it's plain to see - What were growing up to be - Cause some frogs will still be frogs - And some dogs will still be dogs - Some boys could become men - Just don't kiss them till then." I love that message. I'm not sure what I am going to do with this sign, but I sure had fun making it! It'd be perfect for a teenage girl. Thankfully my girls still think of all boys as frogs and dogs, so I'm not sure they appreciate the message just yet!

I set up a new blog HERE which lists alot of the signs I have made and the story about why all the sign-making too. I still have a ways to go - I guess I should list prices and stuff. I'll get to it sometime.

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