Thursday, July 8, 2010


We went to my parents and mowed their property Wednesday. Daniel did most of the mowing. I pray that he continues growing up to be a boy unafraid of hard work, course it's more fun when you get to drive! His path around the yard was ALL over the place, but he got it done.
Max has taught him well! Max and Nana were off traveling, I think they might be headed to Canada. I didn't know anything about the mower, but thankfully Daniel remembered all that Max told him.
The girls just spent a few minutes on the mower, and Daddy came in after work and worked on the big tractor till dark.
Seems like we've been running around in the car alot. Our two biggest travel must haves are Happy Hour slushies at Sonic and audio books. We've been listening to lots of books on CD, the kids like to put them on in their rooms while they play, and you just can't beat Hank the Cowdog on a car trip!

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