Saturday, July 17, 2010


The girls are pretty busy with activities. Basketball for Gracie and Ally is gearing up for youth camp and she starts a new select softball season this month. Daniel has been chillin' and using that big old imagination of his. His favorite thing to do lately is listening to books on tape while building with Legos. Here is a photo of him with a dinosaur scene made out of Legos. He is eager to work up something really cool to enter in the county fair.

He loves to build anything; what that boy can do with cardboard and some duct tape is amazing. Offices, forts, caves - using blankets and chairs and lumber; whatever he can find. This is his Spy Office.
Daniel has decided to become a spy. He's actually training; weight lifting, working on his spy skills, making useful gadgets. The girls are so great at creating treasure hunts, mysteries, and other spy-like challenges for him.
He used his own money from his savings (and some recent extra jobs) to buy the latest Angel Wars movie and an angel wars action figure. I must say I love the series, we have the first 3 and they are rather short (30 minutes), but the new one is 88 min. long and the best yet. They are rather scary for younger kids, but full of lots of great action for boys! The action figure broke as soon as it was out of the box, he took it back, got another one, it broke the first day he had it. So, I'd definitely NOT recommend the action figures. I guess they are just poorly made.

Daniel is just getting to that age where I am starting to see signs of him growing up. He's almost as tall as his 10 year old sister! He was kissing his daddy and me on the cheek recently and I said, "He won't be kissin' us like that when he is a big tall teenager." And he said, "I will NEVER be too big to be kissing my parents!" We'll just see about that, won't we?

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