Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Art Activities

Here is a neat link for a free download of a TREE BOOK! It is a 24 page book, very imaginative and creative tree activities!

We are seeking "summer normal" this week if there is such a thing and I am loving it. I am surprised that my kids are okay with the amount of structure that still exists in our day. I thought after the way I have been pushing academically with the end of the regular school year, they would want to play and wear jammies all day. But, we are doing all those fun creative things that we didn't have time for during the busy school months.
The kids love to enter art works in the county fair in September, so we have been thinking ahead to those projects, sewing, and crafting, reading, and painting. I am right there with them, painting and crafting as well. Of course, their report cards sit atop a massive pile of papers I still need to grade. But, I don't think anyone will fuss to much if reportcards don't go out till July. :)

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