Saturday, June 12, 2010

Albert Pike Campground, Arkansas

Here we are LAST YEAR in the Albert Pike campground in Arkansas. This is the campground where the flash flooding occurred days ago, we've seen this actual location on the news footage! It is one of our favorite places to hike! My heart as hurt at all the terrible stories from this tragedy. This is such a neat, remote area- most everyone had no cell phone coverage, so I would imagine there was very little warning. I think this event will make us much more aware of camping location and weather. B is always very cautious about our safety, but I sometimes get aggravated with his emergency plans and methodical attention to the details. The campground does lie in a low area. We had some rains which drastically caused the river to rise when we were there as well. Be praying for the people affected by the flash flooding!

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Tressa said...

I heard about that. HORRIBLE!! Will continue to pray.