Monday, May 24, 2010

Too Busy for School

I remember it happening this way last year too! May hits and we get so busy - the weather is great -we just want to be outside - so many fun activities! School gets pushed aside. We don't really have a definite end date for school, just when courses are done. Ally is down to just math and spelling, the others have a couple more. The kids got to attend an adventure day camp -they hiked and had a great time.
Okay, and for the month of May's photography- Mom gets an F. This is the only photo of adventure camp - and below, the only sad photo of the family reunion last weekend. I'll try to do better!
Things should be easing up for us, since Daniel and Ally are finishing off their ball seasons! Daniel's team almost went undefeated, Ally's...not so much.

The following weeks are setting up for more whirlwinds of activity! Today we went to the local museum to drop off Daniel's Lego bridge - it will have to be there all summer as part of a Lego exhibit! He's not sure what he signed up for -he really didn't want to leave it that long!

We should be through with schoolwork for the summer by the first week of June. Daniel is going to continue to work on reading all summer and some math facts -Gracie is going to do a program called 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery. We have got to get those times tables down before next year. Gracie starts summer basketball at the Y and both girls will be going to camp June 5th!

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