Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chosen -Book Review

Chosen is a new novel by author Ginger Garrett

I love a book that really makes me want to dig into my Bible and research! I read several commentaries and I had to get my timeline straight and see where Esther fit in with Nehemiah and the rebuilding of Jerusalem, and other questions brought to mind by the book. This was a fun read! The book provided a lot of detail about Esther's year of preparation for the King. The author, Ginger Garrett, includes a lot of really neat tid-bits - Esther's diary is dated by the Babylonian calendar; and made to look like a recently discovered ancient document.

Because so many details involve life in the Harem and preparations for some pretty mature tasks facing her (if you know what I mean), I would recommend this book for mature audiences only. However, those themes are fairly well handled, not graphic, not overly descriptive.

Ginger Garrett did a great job with the story of Queen Esther. This book is book one in the series The Lost Diaries, I can't wait to read the other historic fiction novels she will add to this series!
Here's some interview questions with the author; Ginger Garrett -
Q: Why did you include Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther in the David C. Cook series Lost Loves of the Bible?

A: I chose these diaries for the Lost Loves series because of the potential for love that Esther lost.

The moment Esther was chosen for the harem, whatever hopes she had for her future, her heart, and her family were lost. She became one wife among thousands. She lost freedom and many days, she lost her dignity in the treatment she received.

However, Esther is foreshadowing the story of Christ, who tells us that to surrender our own desires and plans will lead to blessings unimaginable, and overflow goodness into the lives of others. Esther’s loss, and her submission to a cruel turn of events, resulted in the saving of a nation. Millions of Jews were saved throughout history by her sacrifices.

Q: What are the other books in the Lost Loves series?

A: I’ll be adding two novels: the stories of Jezebel and Delilah. Both women have been sorely overlooked by history, painted as cardboard villains without any understanding of who they were and why they acted as they did. Their stories are more poignant, and disturbing, than what we’ve ever imagined.

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Disclosure: This book was provided by David C. Cook and the B & B Media Group for purposes review only.

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