Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review: The Last Christian

Title: The Last Christian
Author: David Gregory
Publisher: WaterBrook Press
Price: $14.99


The Last Christian was a really fun book to read. It is set in 2088 and it is really realistically written for a futuristic novel. Among other changes - all intolerant speech is against the law - and Christianity has become non-existent.

As you can gather from the title; one girl comes out of the jungle to discover Christianity is almost gone from America. She is tasked with the job of bringing it back. It was interesting to me - the main character had to change her approach to share the message of Christ. She couldn't tell people about how they needed forgiveness, or needed saving. The lines of right and wrong were so blurred, much of what was immoral was done in a "virtual world," and they just didn't grasp their need for forgiveness. The people did, however, have lives without meaning or purpose. So, she had to express to them the peace and fulfillment of Christ; the abundant life. Abundant life turns into a neat theme throughout the book.

This was a neat book, very exciting! Makes you think about where society is headed and how people can be reached for Christ. Some references to "virtual sex," although not detailed or descriptive - would make this book inappropriate for some audiences. When I say that I just mean my 12 year old is not reading it. This is really quality suspense writing with a Christian core, and that makes it a really great book.

click HERE to purchase AND to view an excerpt of the book. You'll be hooked!

WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group provided The Last Christian for the purposes of review only.

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