Sunday, May 30, 2010

Canning House Party!

I get to have a House Party! I'm so excited! If you have never heard about it, you can find out more HERE . It is a really unique program. Companies advertise their products by parties where they send lots of samples and freebies and people try them out. Nothing to buy, just lots of free stuff. So, my party is sponsored by Ball Canning products. It's a really genius way for the canning people to promote their products because they can't sell their products if no one knows how to use them. They sent me a ton of cool stuff! A really nice $75 canner, 4 cases of jars, a canning discovery kit, all kinds of utensils I needed for canning, a BUNCH of fruit pectin, and gifts for each guest.
Check out this canner! Way nice. I just got a nice pressure cooker canner for Christmas, so I am going to give this one away to one of my lovely guests. I've never made jelly before, so that is something I am going to experiment with -to make some for each guest. I found a good deal on pears and apricots, so pear and apricot butter it is (separately of course)!
If my garden and my dad's keeps producing, I'd like to do a lot of canning this summer. Last year it seemed we made a ton of picante, but we ate it all by August. Fresh tomatoes and peppers make the best salsa ever!

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