Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

As a kid, April Fool's Day was huge in my house! My brother spent most of the year planning for this day. My whole family has been conditioned to go throughout the day on guard, walking very carefully, paying close attention, and answering the phone very skeptically. I pray my brother never has an actual emergency on this day, because no one would believe him. Here's the short list from my family as I remember it:
  • saran wrap on the toilet seat

  • black cats fire crackers- anywhere he could put them

  • setting off the fire alarm

  • fishing line strung over doorways

  • turning food colors - waking up to green milk

  • toilet paper in the bisquits (mixed into the dough before baking)

  • super glue - 1000's of April Fool applications

If you give a kid an April Fool supply list of toilet paper, saran wrap, food coloring, super glue, and fishing line and they can really be creative. I did NOT give my children these items.

I DID however discover the water in our water cooler is green AND fake dog pee on the floor. That second one did get me for a second as I did a sudden flashback to the puppy days with our dog.

Over the years I learned that other people don't always appreciate April Fool's Day quite like my family. I'll never forget when I was 16 and dating my husband. A friend called him on April Fool's and told him I was in a wreck. He and his dad were headed out the door to my rescue -and they were not happy to learn it was a prank!

My two pranksters!

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Hopped over from Friday Follow, thanks for the spelling test link...I will be back to use that for my little ones! Love your hiking pics!