Friday, March 5, 2010

Mother Daughter Duet

Mother Daughter Duet is one of those books that explores things that really concern me. When I see Christian people with difficult relationships with their adult children, I can't help but wonder, is there an underlying cause? What went wrong? What could've they done to prevent it?

And when I see my daughter turning 12 and showing the signs of fierce independence, I can't help but wonder about my relationship with my girls in the future. There is such a delicate line between mothers and daughters in so many areas. A mother's comments can cut like no other, or hit on just the right thing to escalate into battles, bawling, or both. I love the quote at the front of this book:

"We all hope to feel our mother's arm around our shoulders when we're worried, to feel it gently let go when life calms down. It's an intricate duet that moms and daughters dance - one backing off when the other needs space, moving up close when the unfamiliar threatens."- Cathie Krycza

Each issue in this book: (generational differences, letting go, communication, church, forgiveness, and so many more) is tackled by both Cheri Fuller (mother) and Ali Plum (daughter ) so we have their different perspectives. This made the book really unique. The mom would relate an incident, and the daughter would explain what she was feeling about the same situation. Together they have really faced some incredible circumstances. My favorite thing about this book is all the research these two authors did. They really talked to a lot of mothers and daughters about the issues they face. It is nice to me to see the mother-daughter relationship kind of laid out for me in preparation of things to come.

This would be such a great book for so many women I know who are struggling with strained relationships. But, even for those of us who are years ahead of the major issues of this book - there is a wealth of information about what not to do as well.

Believe me, our experience in youth ministry has taught me that when John 16:33 talks about tribulations; he's talking about things like the teen years! For now, this book inspires me to savor the beauty of my relationship with my girls in all its phases! Especially - those phases where they still think I'm great! ;) This book is really well done -and really full of thought-provoking insight!

Go Here to view several pages of the book - or to buy this book - It sells for $13.99

Thanks so much to the Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group, who provided this book
for the purposes of review.

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