Thursday, March 4, 2010


Finally, the weather is nice enough that we can put the chicken tractor coop out and let the chicks run around and scratch in the grass. They seemed kind of hesitant to come out - mainly because the dog keeps barking at them when they do.
I'm pretty sure at least one of them will be a mean rooster who will someday put the fear of feather-kind into this dog. In the meantime, she just doesn't know what to make of these little clucking, peeping fluff balls. Birds of a feather stick together and they seem to be pretty brave as long as they are all together, but if one runs for cover, they all do.

Gracie is on the lookout for hawks -or something like that. Who really knows when it comes to Gracie.
Daniel is on the lookout for -something? Who really knows when it comes to Daniel.

Ally is finishing her schoolwork. She has her last volleyball games today and softball tonight. We love it when it is warm enough to do school outside. Spelling on the sidewalk and science in the woods - there's nothing like it!
Come on SUNSHINE! On the agenda for today for mama is starting all those seeds for the garden - I should've done it a few weeks ago! I heard on the news last night that tomatoes are supposed to triple in price this year because of crop failures! Better plant plenty!

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Teresita Darling said...

Hey- I just ordered seeds last week and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Looks like a busy season at your house. My chickies are getting longer necks, it seems, but still tiny and stinky.