Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting Going - WFMW

I have those days where after a morning poured into homeschooling and everything else; I hit a HARD afternoon slump! Yesterday housework and laundry put me over the edge. There was a 1/2 inch of dust on the mantle, dishes in the sink, and my bedroom was about to be lost under Laundry Mountain. You ever have those times where there is so much to do you just kind of walk around; overwhelmed and confused about where to begin? It was bad.
When things get really bad I just want to curl up in my bed behind a locked door -overwhelmed and worn out. So after mobilizing the kids to help me out and a quick prayer for strength-here's my attempted cure to get myself going:

1. Tennis shoes (preferably with some nice, new athletic socks, I don't know why). Just makes me feel athletic, puts a bounce in my step, and gets me going. I'm more likely to run and play with the kids and less likely to sit with my feet curled up under me.

2. I lite candles in the house. Usually it is the messy house that has gotten me to this point, and it just makes me feel like AT LEAST the air is clean. Plus - it's just hard to feel bad when you've got some Yankee Candle cinnamony sweetness floating around you.

3. Some praise music. Maybe KLOVE blaring from my computer, or if things are really desperate I'll put on some Toby Mac or Super Chic. If you can manage it -loud singing helps, too.

4. Tea. Sweet. and lots of it. Actually, I think a lot of time when I lack energy a root cause of it is actually because I am dehydrated. I just don't make enough time in the morning to drink enough water.

Does it always work for me? Most of the time. It gets me moving, and after all some progress is still progress. It is better than Laundry Mountain Denial.


Mom2fur said...

Wow, I like your ideas! (Much cheaper and better than coffee, cola or energy drinks.) I especially like the candles one--having a pleasant scent in the air is sure to pick up anyone's spirits!

Rebecca said...

What a good checklist. I'm going to have to remember the candles and the socks (not just ANY socks!) to help me get the lead out some afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Sweet tea would so hit the spot for me as well. See you soon for Friday Follow (with $100 cash giveaway this week!).


Latsyrc728 said...

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