Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I LOVE handmade Valentines! My poor kids know their gonna make somethin' new every year. I get alot of my ideas from the great Family Fun Valentine issue. Of course -The Crafty Crow (see button at right) is the ultimate resource for any Valentine's craft. Okay, I know it is past Valentine's now, but these cute alligators were so easy, I had to share them with you. Go HERE for the full info on how to make them, and to print the file. I printed them out on green paper and whipped them out in no time. Then I filled the middle with M&M's. In their mouth it says, "I'd Snap at the Chance to be Your Valentine." Ally made some cute Valentines this year -she adapted THIS printable Valentine for her Bible study group and printed "Lord, break our hearts for what breaks yours" on her hearts. It was a neat thought because the hearts have to be torn in two to get to the candy.

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