Monday, February 22, 2010

100th Day of School

I love to do something for the 100th Day of School! Did I ACTUALLY keep up with the days, well, not exactly. But, it was a pretty good estimate. I love to do fun food things -making trail mix with 100 things in it, that kind of thing.

Kids (in jammies still) estimating different items -trying to guess which ones have 100
We made 100 piece collages + then we got carried away with collages and glue and made several more too. There are so many great books and activities, but we have done most of them. I love to do a self portrait, then crumble it up to make a self portrait of themselves at 100 years old.
We have done so many great Math Activities - our favorite is 100 M&M graphing. The Internet is full of great ideas and printables.

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