Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Store Bought vs. Farm Fresh Eggs

As part of Gracie's science experiment we looked at the difference between farm fresh eggs and store bought eggs. It's easy to tell the store bought on the left with much lighter colors. All the kids tasted both and I didn't tell them which was which. Of course they knew right away because the color difference! Most chicken farmers will tell you the brighter, richer color comes from the grasses and variety of grains the chickens eat. I didn't realize farm fresh eggs are lower in cholesterol too. All of us prefered the farm fresh eggs. The most surprising thing was how creamy and thick they were when you whipped them. Very interesting. Here's some more interesting facts:
  • Store bought eggs in the US don't expire until 45 days after being laid
  • In the UK they don't refrigerate eggs - and most people don't believe eggs should be washed
  • In some countries they like eggs with very dark yolks - almost red
  • Farm fresh eggs shouldn't be boiled until they are 2+ weeks old. Otherwise the shells don't come off very well - this is due to a smaller air pocket. Over time the air pocket gets larger and they will peel better.
  • Fertilized eggs don't taste any different than unfertilized eggs


Jenny said...

That is very interesting!

Angela said...

very cool. Friends of ours gave us some eggs from their chickens and they were significantly better than safeway's. If only we lived closer to them. I wonder if it makes things taste different when baking with them...hmmm