Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Homeschool Math Manipulative Organization

There once was a homeschool mom who lived in a Zoo -
She had so many math manipulatives she didn't know what to do!
Clocks and counters for grade one,
And lots of cool gizmos to make mathtime fun.
Flashcards and thermometers for grades six and three-
Piled up high in a tub too many to see!
All along the answer as so many answers are -
was to eat more veggies -"They'll make you go far!"
She emptied the container when her family was done
and recycled it to make math for her much more fun!
Now everything's tidy and set up so nice-
Organized to find things, so she won't have to look twice!

I struggle with Math Lessons these days! All 3 kid's math manipulatives were in the "math tub" and it just made things crazy! We do math lots of different places too, so we needed an organizational system that was easily portable. We bought a veggie tray on sale not to long ago and the container just couldn't go in the trash! So we washed it out -it has a lid and everything! Now I just need one for each kid! Guess we'd better get busy eatin' those veggies!

By the way - our favorite math manipulative? Those cute little green lima beans (bottom left of photo) spray painted green with added eye-balls and lily pads for working story problems.

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Hannah said...

Ah, good idea! It's such a challenge to stay organized, I always appreciate little tips like this.

Christie said...

You have inspired me to organize my school stuff! Bailey is loving the little green lima beans!

Anonymous said...

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