Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Chili's Chips and Queso!

Okay, so this is a post just for my sister. She'd read my blog even if nobody else did! And she loves Chili's Chips and Queso. Go here to sign up for Chili's email club and within 48 hours they will send you a coupon for free Chips and Queso.
Speaking of queso - reminds me of my husband and the retarded way he says it - very loud and silly. I am teaching him how to get more food at work everyday. Since he is the boss, he gets free food from the Spanish-speaking people who run the catering trucks that sell food on his jobsite. However, he can only ask for things like burrito and taco -and that's gettin' pretty old plus -he thinks maybe they are made out of dog meat - or something else equally nasty. So this week I taught him to ask for hamberguesa con queso and sandwich pollo y queso - so maybe he can eat a bit healthier. Although I know they are laughing at him and his goofy Spanish! He wants to be able to witness to them in Spanish, too, but I think he's gonna need some Rosetta stone or other professional help. Adios Amigos!

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