Thursday, January 28, 2010

Candleing Eggs

Well, today our egg babies are 10 days old! We made an attempt to candle the eggs tonight with very little help from the brave scientist, Gracie. Gracie has been busy throwing up and having fever today, so she just kind of watched a bit while Ally and I did the candleing. So, the eggs are supposed to be candled on the 10th day to see if their is an embryo growing inside or not. We taped a toilet paper roll to a flashlight and shined the light through the egg (it's more apparent in the dark). This is a store bought egg (above and below photos) and you can see the light shining right through.
You can't really see the photos of the good eggs because the light doesn't shine through them at all. There should be an air pocket in each, but we could only see it clearly in 3 or 4 of the eggs. Only one or two of them seem to be see-through. Okay, I think I should throw these away, but I can't bring myself to do it - I don't believe in abortion - and what if I am wrong! So, we'll wait and candle them again in 5 more days. Then, maybe we'll bring ourselves to throw some of those bad ones away. The thing is they could rot and burst and that'd be pretty nasty.
So, so far so good for the science project! What are we going to do with all those chicks?


Teresita Darling said...

Oh that is so funny. I remember so clearly having that same dilemma with my finches! If you value life it doesn't matter whose. I'm following you from Mama Buzz- are you following me? We are getting chickens this week.

ayersfamily said...

Yes, I do follow you - mama4x! Can't wait to see your chickens! Ours should be hatching here this week as well!