Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Big 1-2

Ally age 2
Ally turned 12 today! I can't believe that little chubby cheeked baby has grown up so fast! It seems like only yesterday she renamed her pacifier a baboosh and slept with her Sweetbear! She has truly grown into a beautiful young lady - inside and out. Most of all, she is devoted to God with all her heart, and she has such a passion for reaching others for Him.
She got a great very "professional" art table and some great art supplies from the grandparents. She also got the Mandy movie - based on her favorite book series - a wonderful Christian series by Lois Leppard. She had a great birthday and had supper with both sets of grandparents which was really a great treat! And of course her requested special meal of chicken noodle soup, grill cheese, lima beans, and olives. We made an ice cream cake, and she was in a rush to get to presents, I was in a rush to serve the cake somewhere between thawed and frozen - and I totally forgot the candles! You know she is at that age where she wants it simple. She is to old for one of my fancy decorated cakes, so I didn't think about candles! We had made some plain yellow cupcakes (her favorite), so I stuck a candle in one, and we sang to her, but I felt really bad for missing that kind of important part! She's such an easy going kid!
Happy Birthday Ally - the Apple of our Eyes! May this be the most blessed year of your life so far, and only the new beginning of all the wonderful things God has in store for you!

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