Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Uncle Eddie Math

Daniel's Uncle Eddie introduced him to a neat knife catalog and Daniel got his very own catalog in the mail! It has been kind of difficult to focus on school with that interesting catalog calling to him. So, as usual, we embrace the distraction. We did his math lesson today with the catalog. What is the most expensive knife in the catalog? What is the cheapest? Which knife is shortest, longest, which knives could you buy with $40? Would a knife this long fit in your pocket? How much would this knife be if we had a coupon for $5 off? How much more is this knife than this one? How much more money do you need to buy this knife? He did much more advanced story problems than his book would've given him, and he LOVED it! It also really helps him see that math is real life. Great math skills, practical skills, - and reading skills too.


Cher said...

Stopping by and saying Hi from Mama Bzz!

Nancy M. said...

What a great idea! That's a good way to make it more fun!