Monday, June 1, 2009

Water Sprinkler Fun

We were planning to go hiking with the kids on the Cameron Park trails after church Sunday, but it was SO hot! And Byron and I had that Sunday afternoon nap calling, too. I think it is going to be really difficult to hike around here this summer. So, we got out the water sprinkler instead and got wet.
We have a packed calendar for June. Lots of VBS's around close, Daniel is going to football camp, and lots and lots of birthdays! We might have a 1/2 birthday party or 2 to off-set some of the Christmas/birthday madness. We can have a big sleepover now, then keep it simple for the actual birthday in December. Everyone is done with all their subjects for school except the girls have about 2 weeks of math to do - we might spread it out over the summer - it doesn't take them long to do their math lessons.

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