Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6 1/2 Today

Better watch out, he's a tough guy!

But, man, is he ever a charmer.

He can run fast and play all kinds of sports.

He's going to big and strong just like his Daddy! And with those dreamy brown eyes of his too!

We made ice cream in a baggie today to celebrate. Abby has been gone all day getting fixed, so we are kind of missing her. Ally has had a friend over and we had a HUGE rain which was wonderful - it is still hot, but no so unbearable. Ally made a scavenger hunt to entertain everyone and we are headed to our lifegroup this evening. Her All-Star practice has been cancelled for 2 nights because of rain. We are really preparing to be bombarded with nightly practices starting next week. All Stars here is an AMAZING ordeal - we are glad she is getting the opportunity, don't get me wrong. It just seems more like they are preparing for a dance show sometimes. Matching headbands & hair ribbons, special shoe-strings, wooden dugout decorations, matching practice uniforms, goody bags and matching water jugs. It's softball for goodness sake!

Well, I have an apple pie in the oven so I better run!



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