Monday, February 2, 2009

New House

Well, we are moved in. Only a few more boxes to unpack and we are pretty well settled. As soon as I find the cord that lets me download my photos onto my computer, I will send some pictures. We love the backyard - it's really big. There is a large sloping driveway that the kids can zoom down on scooters, and we have a whole room for our school.
We live in a really hilly neighborhood, so bike riding may be seriously difficult. Our house was built in the 1970's and they just dont make 'em like this anymore. I love the layout with tons of storage packed everywhere. We have a coat closet, hall closet, 2 areas for linens, and this enormous closet off the bathroom that I don't know what to do with.
It was really strange for us to attend church without being a part of the action this Sunday. It felt very different. We had to ask for help, instead of people asking us.
We have had some really great weather - 70's most afternoons. Our trip here was terrible and way long! The kids don't want to make any more car trips for a long time. We had to wait out the weather in Louisiana - it was icing in Texas.
We are trying to get a dog from a local shelter, but it will still be a week or so until she is old enough to leave her mother. The application process has been really intense! She is a boxer/lab mix.
We miss our NC family, but it is nice to be in Texas. It felt odd to go to the grocery store and every other person you pass is wearing a Cowboys or Longhorns shirt.

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EMILY said...

Hi Tara and family..So glad you you guys are doing good.Sure will miss you.But wish you the best..Emily Spencer