Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Us- In Texas

1. Byron had the worst trip to Texas. The Uhaul bounced him around like crazy and he was grouchy.
2. Byron really likes his new job. He looks like a roper again. He had to go buy workboots and he wears cowboy cut blue jeans and button down shirts to work.
3. He is going to have to brush up on his Spanish because none of his workers speak English.
4. He gets to eat free from the vending trucks because he is the boss. His office is in a tiny little trailer; but he likes to walk around and tell the workers about Jesus whether they understand him or not. Byron loves building plans, steel beams, and concrete pours are his favorite.
5. Byron gets to come home by 4:00 each day.
6. Tara really likes the new house -except it has some tacky wallpaper, and it has those popcorn thingings on the ceiling. That's a project for later.
7. Tara is hoping to find some good families who homeschool in our neighborhood.
8. We got to go eat at a restaurant near Crawford where President Bush eats when he is in town. We weren't especially impressed. Kind of a greasy spoon kind of place.
9. There are about 10 things that are missing from the move. There must be another box around here someplace...
10. We go to bed earlier here, and get up earlier. I guess we haven't adjusted to the time change. And all the TV shows come on an hour earlier. It's a good thing.
11. Ally misses Skyler, Summer, Kayson, Madison, and all her other friends. But she will write a lot.
12. The stamps are one of those 10 missing things.
13. Our neighborhood is mostly old people with lots of cats. There is a family of red foxes and deer behind our house.
14. Every time Byron goes outside he steps in cat poop. The rest of us are out there all the time and we never have.
15. Ally and Gracie got a new loft bed when we moved. Gracie has the top and she is really close to the ceiling.
16. Gracie has suddenly gotten way into Barbies. She named her new favorite Kelsey.
17. Ally has a tryout for softball Saturday. The team here is like really well known for being state champions so the competition will be very tough.
18. We can't get our dog until around Valentine's Day. You can see what she looks like at this link : http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=12839571
19. Our house has a little playhouse in the backyard.
20. Homeschooling all 3 has been a bit of a challenge. It is going to take Daniel a while to get the hang of things.
21. We are not far from Baylor University, but I don't think we will ever become fans. We are planning to go to games when they play A&M.
22. We are going (okay the girls are going) to a Christian ballet tonight. Christian music dance thing - hiphop and ballet.
23. We are praying everyday that the Lord would send a new Student Pastor to Leland who would be way cooler, fun-ner, and who would bring the Word in a radical way. Could he be cooler? Okay, AS cool.
24. We miss all our Leland peeps. We love you all very much.
25. We hated when everyone felt sad when we left. Just because we are here and you are there, we can still talk just as much, right?

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Vonnie said...

Tara, it's so good to hear how everyone is doing. Can't believe that Byron loves his new job more than dealing w/all of us women at LCA...HEE! HEE! Just joking, glad he's happy & it sounds like the kids are doing well. The puppy is so cute...are you going to call her Dancer or Abby? Will chat later. Love you. (Mr. Jarvis & 'Miss' Vonnie