Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kids Devotionals

Gracie (age 11) is doing the Truth and Dare one year devotional for girls by Ann Margret Hovsepian and Daniel (age 9) is doing the Triple Dog Dare Devotional by Jeremy V. Jones. Both are available by David C. Cook and they are both similar in format and quality.

We are all LOVING these devotionals. They are really keeping their interest, and they are really well done. We've been through a lot of devotionals for kids around here, but I have to say these are some of my favorites. They have done more extensive Bible Studies for their quiet times, and some that were just a bit too much "fluff," if you know what I mean. These devotionals have great balance. They offer some neat depth and activity, AND our favorite part- at the end of the daily devotional, they offer 3 dares. The dares are ways to put the quality or concept discussed into practical action during the day. The devotional also encourages them to journal about what they did, which is a really great introduction to journaling. I also like that the devotionals continue on the weekend.

My kids starting getting serious about an independent, daily quiet time with God at around 9 years old. These devotionals could be done earlier with a parent's help, and they might even be appropriate for many younger teens who are just starting out with a quiet time.

I HIGHLY recommend these devotionals - even if they are a bit pricy at $14.99. For a year's worth of quality devos that will keep a kid's interest, that's a good deal. You can purchase them here for the boy's Triple Dog Dare devo and here for the Truth and Dare girl's devo.

I was given these books by David C. Cook and B&B Media group for the purposes of review only.

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Quiltingranny said...

Thanks for the recommendation my grands were asking about this the other day!