Friday, December 16, 2011

Birthday weekend #1

We are so deeply involved in birthday celebration and project overload this weekend! Christmas programs and activities are winding down to a managable pace and we are looking forward to a relaxing two weeks chillin at home.
My baby girl turned 14 this week! Hard to believe! She is a truly amazing kid with way too many talents and goodness to be squeezed into one person!
So for now heres some pictures of A LITTLE bit the fun!

Among the too- ambitious projects for too busy days - I also added a canopy-ish embellishment to Gracie's bed just for fun. Also, anything to hide the clutter this girl creates!

We added this awesome little reading nook in a dormer space - kind of as a surprise for Ally - who loves to snuggle up with a great book! It was really easy and a great project!

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