Friday, October 28, 2011


I saw a quote somewhere that really stuck with me, "An interrupted day is God's plan for a mother." Such a true statement! Especially when your kids are little, interruptions are what we do.

Unfortunately, as my kids have gotten older, the interruptions haven't stopped. Sure they know the basic boundaries - basic ones such as don't barge into the bathroom when mom's in there - be quiet when mom is on the phone. Some boundaries, however, are still difficult for them, like knocking and waiting to be told to come into mom & dad's room - instead of barging in with the old, "Mom!" shout.

A few nights ago I was cooking a new recipe, some brownie cookies. They weren't very good, not sweet enough - so I started to throw away the recipe. Then I remembered the 3 hours of distractions in making them and wondered if maybe I just left something out, some of the sugar perhaps? Highly possible. I was helping with homework, getting football pads into pants, saddling a horse, solving crimes, doctoring injuries, picking up and dropping off kids at various practices during which time the cookies were in progress on the counter.

The answer, truly is - to embrace it. To once again let go of your expectations, to understand that this is how it is, and love them all through it, interruptions included. We've still got to train them to respect our boundaries. We've still got to teach them not to interrupt when we are speaking, basic manners of not interrupting is all a part of learning patience. We've still got to keep making to- do lists and planning, just don't let it get to you when it doesn't all get accomplished in your ideal time frame.

I am loving my more relaxed role as a mother this year. Without kids at home all day, it has been kind of nice. But, I have been kind of testy with them in the evenings. They come home and my marvelous clean, serene house is no more. I didn't realize it until recently, but I sometimes find myself feeling frustrated and I always stop and check myself, try to trace it back and think, "Why am I feeling this way?" "Who or what was it that set me off?" Now that the kids aren't with me all day, I want the time that I do have with them to be sweet.

And, as I look back some of the sweetest moments we've ever had, some of the most special memories were those times when I DID embrace interruptions and go with the flow. And you know, it all goes back to expectations - interruptions are upsetting because the chores won't get done, or some other expectation based on what other people think won't be met. Kids are more important than that... Even if they are walking interruptions.

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