Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Around the Farm

I hung my tree painting in my bedroom. I suppose I am pleased with the finished product, I didn't really feel like it was done, but I was tired of tripping over it. I like the symbolic nature of it - it is part prophetic. I feel like so much of what we do as student ministers is planting seeds in someone else's garden. We present the Word to students, but so often the rest is up to God. The emphasis of my tree is really the roots - I pray that the seeds we plant would go down deep into fertile soil and form strong roots. I think I got carried away and I ended up needing a larger canvas. I think this will be a picture I would like to do again, I love drawing trees anyway. I wrote on it, "Rooted in Love." Eph. 3:17-18. We need that reminder - it's all got to be rooted in Love, or what is it for?

We put the kids to work shoveling the poop which the horse has deposited all over the yard and moving it all over to the garden area. It was gettin' pretty nasty looking since the horse has free run of the yard and pasture area to get any grass that is left around here.

My dad taught Ally to jump onto the horse's back like an Indian.

Daniel's team paid tribute to one of the teammate's mothers who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. He didn't mind the pink, but he gladly gave the pink socks to Gracie after the game. He is loving playing football.

I don't know if you can tell, but it is pouring down rain in this picture. Gracie has really enjoyed taking care of Saxie. They have quickly become best buddies. Gracie is gobbling up all the Margerite Henry horse books she can find (Misty, Born to Trot). She just started Black Beauty. She is loving the beginning because it is written from the horse's viewpoint. I warned her that the book is meant to expose poor treatment of horses, but I know she is going to hate that book in the end, just like I did. Too much sadness.

Yae for RAIN! We've had 2 or 3 good rainy days around here finally. The cracks still haven't all closed up, but we shoved some of the plentiful horse poop into them hoping that would help. We are going to begin preparing our garden plot for the Spring.

Meanwhile, we are getting a lot of outside chores accomplished with the cooler temperatures! What we need now if for the burn ban to be lifted so we can enjoy some firepit marshmallow roasting and hot dog roasting! Love and God's peace to you all!

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Quiltingranny said...

I loved those books as a child, read them to my sons and now my grandchildren. Stormy is also a great read! Love the photos and glad you finally have some rain!