Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer can't be almost over!

I guess all the cool kids are getting mohawks this summer. At least for a week or two till Dad shaves it off.

Can we just have one season of the year that is truly restful? You'd think it'd be summer, but the constant stream of camps and activities makes life pretty crazy. We just finished up Ally's busy summer activities, all that is left is VBS and a week of golf camp for Daniel. I resolve to set aside week long periods (at least 2) each season where we will be home every week day as a family. Well, except Wednesdays because of church.

Hanging out with cousins.

Daniel started football practices yesterday and proceeded to almost pass out on the field. Freaked his daddy out to have him go limp in his arms. I guess it was kinda my fault. I let him swim and didn't push fluids all day. If you are going to do anything in 109 degree heat, you'd better be prepared.

Our pool still feels pretty nice even though the water evaporates in bucketloads everyday. Have I mentioned it is crazy hot and hasn't rained in forever?
Gracie Pearl is too cool. She has started to hate the crispy way her hair feels after swimming so she swims with it up and doesn't go under. Daniel on the other hand is convinced that swimming means you don't have to shower. I can't believe the summer is actually winding down! It has gone way too fast. Fall has always been one of my favorite times, though, and I can't wait for cooler weather! Fall just has a predictable rhythm about it that other seasons don't have, yet there is still plenty of excitement and things to look forward to. I had hoped to be putting in a fall garden shortly, but the ground is so hard and dry I can't imagine anything growing!

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Quiltingranny said...

This summer has been crazy for us as well...camp, VBS, vacation, summer school. I will try to send you some rain from Washington state!