Saturday, July 30, 2011

Preteen Camp

Gracie and I had a fabulous time at preteen camp this week. We are a wee bit worn out, me especially because I am old. I felt like a really old lady when I got a crick in my neck and I had to go to the nurse for Bengay...Lame-o. Some of the kids made comments around me like, what's that minty smell? I just pretended not too hear them. To my credit, it was a 2 inch thick mattress, and that was before I laid on it and flattened it to nothing.

I didn't let a little crick stop me from going down the wet willy, or paintballin', or zip-linin'.

Gracie LOVED the zipline! She did it almost every day. Our 3rd-6th graders really drew in close to the Lord and had a wonderful experience! I can't wait to go back next year, but next year I think I'll work on the old-lady camp kit: an air mattress, non-scented sports cream, and my husband's tried and true never go on a youth trip without-it - a secret stash of energy drinks.

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