Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some Fun Things We're Giving -

Merry Christmas! I am pre-writing this post because I am at this moment enjoying a fun (probably very early starting) Christmas Day with my family. I always want to show some of our cool homemade Christmas projects before Christmas as we are working on them- but I can't give away the surprise! So here's a quick peek at just a couple of the fun things we've wrapped up this year!

This is my husband's family tree. It says "May the light of God surround us, the love of God enfold us. May the power of God protect us, and the presence of God hold us." I guess it's a backwards family tree, starting with my husband's grandparents and branching out to the younger generations. I had fun making it anyway, except for that one uncle with the 8 kids (I didn't think I'd squeeze all them in).
This was a fun little bird feeder for my parents. They LOVE feeding the birds at their house. Hopefully this won't scare them all away. My genius husband whipped this up one afternoon out of a sheet of plywood.
For my brother and sister in law; a box of fun mixes and goodies with lots of wooden labels and signs.
The kids really made a lot of fun gifts this year. Ally painted this racoon for my mom & dad - it is pretty big, near life size and weighs alot too. She painted some smaller animals too. I'll have to post on some of her other projects when I have a chance.

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