Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daniel Turns 8

We celebrated 8 years of Daniel-goodness last week! Family Birthday 4 of 5 over a 20 day span (including the dog and Jesus).

He's had a great couple of weeks enjoying new toys and playing with cousins!

He's kind of gotten a drawn out celebration which included presents at the grandparent's on the 24th & 27th and will end with a party with some friends on Jan. 7th. He really knows how to stretch an event out, doesn't he?

He requested grill cheese for every meal, but we talked him into only one. He really wanted his special Daniel birthday lunch made especially by Gracie just for him.

Okay, I was attempting to make 2 Lego bricks for his cake. It was a genius idea. Each cake had 8 little chocolate mini-muffins for the top. It was going to be cute. But guess what? SOMEBODY ate 10 of the muffins before I could put them on. :( It turned out kind of a flop, but nobody cared. Daniel'd rather have chocolate ice cream anyway.

Happy Happy Birthday to a boy who is growing WAY too fast!

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Yvonne said...

I can't believe Daniel's 8! It feels like he was just 3...and then 4...and then 5!

I miss y'all so much!