Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review: Learning Workroom

I had the opportunity to review a new CD Software program by
this week. This company has many different types of these learning CDs available including:

3/4 grade Mathematics
5/6 grade Mathematics
Language Arts & Science

The CD is not an interactive game, but a slide show that explains various learning concepts. It was neat to try and a fun way to mix things up and learn a little differently. This is a really unique CD to have just for enrichment, to go over a difficult concept a different way, or to reinforce a complicated skill. I have one of my students who for math needs to hear a new concept, see a new concept, and have it explained several different times and ways before it really becomes clear.

It is rather hard to isolate one learning concept on the CD for teaching, and since it doesn't follow the curriculum I use, I found it not as easy to use as I had hoped. It is thorough and contains a good table of contents to find the skill you are looking for, it is done as a Power Point show and you can navigate around from page to page by typing the page number +enter.
Here are some sample pages to show you what the CD looks like. The colors are bright and the graphics are pretty good to hold a kid's attention.

Here are lots of ways you can find out more about Learning Workroom -
Purchase a CD-ROM from Learning Workroom HERE: (they sell for $34.95 each)
Sign up for FREE worksheets from Learning Workroom HERE: These are really great.
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Disclosure: I received a Mathmemathics CD from Learning Workroom and MamaBuzz for the purposes of this review.

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