Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not Again...

I know, I know! You are all tired of my chicken posts! But, I am still so fascinated by them! I can sit out there and watch them chase bugs for hours (as you can see in the photo so could the dog). I have to show you how strange they are looking now with most of their baby fluff gone. I like them so much better now that they are out of the garage and permanently in the coop. Now, they can poop in the yard like good chickens are supposed to. This orange one is SO going to be a mean rooster when he grows up. He pecks and corrals the others and flaps his wings and fusses at them.
See the comb starting to grow on the top of their heads? Kinda punk -like he's growing a mohawk or something.
I'm sorry, I'll try to post more about kids and less about chickens. I read somewhere you are supposed to let your kids handle them alot when they are this size so they'll be used to people and friendly when they get bigger. So, you'll find my kids walking around the backyard playing & holding one scared and freaked out looking chicken lately. Is that strange? Maybe I should get out more.

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Tressa said...

I LOVE reading about your chicken posts! I feel like I could do it someday, through your experiences!!