Friday, March 12, 2010

Review Handmade Marketplace

'”'”The Handmade Marketplace

By: Kari Chapin

The Handmade Marketplace is a great, modern guidebook to selling your crafts locally, globally, and online. This book is FILLED with personal experiences and advice from all kinds of crafters who have had a wide variety of success with handmade businesses. These personal thoughts were really interesting and made the book fun and easy to read. I have seen these kinds of books before, but never one so thorough and up to date! To sell things over the Internet is to keep up with a fast changing marketplace, and this book really helps to navigate the Internet segment of selling handmade crafts.

I have seen a lot about Etsy, but I really didn't understand how all that works, so this book was really helpful in that area. It actually includes an interview with an Etsy VP. Twitter, Facebook, local fairs, blogging, marketing, and even photography and bookkeeping, the author is really thorough in her descriptions and details.
This book is a really well done, comprehensive guide for anyone looking to expand a crafting business - or start a new one. I'd love to use this book to expand my sign business -so now maybe I can put some of these ideas into practice myself!

The book sells for $14.95

Here's the link to purchase the book from Storey Publishing

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Storey Publishing and Mama Buzz for review purposes.

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