Thursday, February 18, 2010

Science Fair

We had our homeschool group science fair tonight. The kids did a lot of work on their projects and they all did some GREAT work! They all 3 won door prizes too! The projects aren't actually judged at this event -mainly because they span so many levels, groups, and category.Ally did her project on Caffeine. It was very interesting, she surveyed a lot of people who she asked to go without caffeine for a day, and did several other experiments.
Gracie's project on hatching chicks was the highlight of the science fair. She had a lot of neat information and I think the chicks survived the trip, and all the handling. She had to dress like a farmer-girl.
She blocked the isles with a big crowd gathering to see her babies. So, this was the point of hatching the chicks, now what do we do with them? Um...I think we have all gotten attached.
D was really much more excited than he appears here. He did a wonderful job on his volcano, and all of his research and drawings.
Here's a closeup of his volcano. We are going to fire it off this weekend. We decided not to do it at the Science Fair because of mess. We'll do the standard baking soda/vinegar thing, then we will fire up the Pepsi and Mentos just for fun.

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Tressa said...

SO much fun! SO sad we missed it this year. Your kiddos did great!