Friday, February 19, 2010

No Spoons!

This afternoon we went to have lunch and all the spoons were dirty. I hadn't ran the dishwasher and we've been eating so much soup. So, we ate sandwiches. It's okay I'll run the dishwasher.

Then, it happened - we found the littlest baby chick dead. The little one we helped out of its egg. Maybe the science fair did him in. I suspect the others pecked him. I didn't want to touch him, it was a sad, limp, nasty, dead chick. Don't tell Gracie but even alive it was REALLY ugly. Gracie wanted to bury him, but the garbage man was coming and I took him quickly out with the trash. Which was wrong, I should have let her have a funeral, I guess. I just wanted it outta here.
I'm not entirely sure I have what it takes to raise livestock and be like a tough farm wife -type girl. After this afternoon, do I really think I could've wrung it's neck and plucked it when it was grown?
I don't think I've really blogged about it, but we are considering a move in the near future to the country. We are looking at a little old farm house and a lot of land. It will be a back to the basics kind of change for us. We'll still be close enough to town for the kids to take part in all their co-op and church activities. But, we will be in the middle of no-where basically 30 minutes from everything. So, we'll have to plan well to go to town only 2 days a week. We are planning to have the chickens, add some cattle for beef, and probably farm about 3 acres at first.
It is going to be a life style where I am going to have to buck up and be alot tougher than I am! I tend to depend way too much for Byron for the real difficult or dirty stuff. I'm tough I think, just maybe a little spoiled?

This little farm house has...hang on, it's really dishwasher. What are we going to do for spoons!?

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Teresita Darling said...

Wow, of all you listed the dishwasher was the most scary. I heard putting a chicken upside down in a road cone (like for construction) makes them really calm. Their little head hangs out the hole and then you can cut their throat and they drain into a bucket. They don't run around bleeding or anything. No violent wringing or whacking.... just a thought. I am still a chicken-killing virgin though. So easier said than done.