Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Daniel got rid of both his sisters for three whole days!  He's calling it his SISTERCATION.

He got his summer haircut, a mohawk.

He shipped one sister off on this bus to Baton Rouge for a mission trip. 
The other sister is at horse camp.  Learning more English jumping and having a great time trail riding and playing with her favorite cousin.  Her horse went with her.  Gracie was a nervous wreck with mom driving the trailer up to deliver them.  But, they arrived, with matching hair bows (Gracie and her horse) in their braided hair. 

At least he doesn't look like this anymore!  He missed one of the last days of school because his face was so swollen with poison ivy!  He looked a bit like a chipmunk.  He's enjoying his "sistercation" although we don't have anything particularly special planned.  Sometimes, when you are the youngest child, it's enough just to have mom and dad all to yourself.  We were in Waco and he got to make all the choices about where we ate and went.  Pretty rare for a bossed around younger brother. 

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