Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's that busy time of year

For us, the Spring is always crazy.  Mainly due to softball, baseball,ministry demands, and keeping up with the animals and trying to keep up with spring growth of our property.  We've been on the go so much lately - we can't wait to slow down a bit in the summer months!
We're clearing!  The back 5 acres of our property has always been covered with nasty, useless Mesquite trees.  I'm a tree lover, but these trees are truly good for nothing - except smoking barbecue.  We've had more flat tires and hurt feet from their thorns than I'd like to count.  Recently my dear husband was riding Gracie's new mare and she took off with him and smacked him into several of these thorny trees and that was the straw that nearly broke his back.  He declared no riding in the back and the trees had to go!  So, we had a young man come out with a backhoe and push them over to make more grazing and riding area.  It looks amazing in just a short time too!  I can't wait to see this beautiful back area transformed into a grassy meadow!  For now, there are lots of large holes and many, many piles that need to be burnt.  Weinee Roast at the Ayers' house!

Daniel has junk food issues.  Yes, he's fond of junk food, but unfortunately, it isn't very fond of him.  Since he was very young I have called him "junk food intolerant."  He eats junk and gets a tremendous migraine-like headache and then throws up and he's better.  As a toddler we called him the "one puke wonder."  This has gotten worse recently and we decided to have him allergy tested to see if we could get to the bottom of it.  I've always thought he was allergy to nitrates in processed meats, but we'll see when the results are in.  He had to give quite a bit of blood - which means you have to refuel with chocolate dipped donut holes with sprinkles and chocolate milk. 

Baseball is in full swing.  The practice season is always busier than the actual games. 

We love singing crazy in the backseat!  Our whole family shares a prolific ITunes account and we love blasting music and singing with our kids as we travel down the road.  Byron's phone syncs to his truck and we all 5 take turns choosing fun songs as we travel.  We are pretty choosy about Christian only songs - with very rare exceptions - although the song being belted out in this picture is "Call me Maybe?" 

Gracie calling for the horses in for supper.  Her favorite clothes.  Overalls tucked into boots.  I wish I'd have gotten her picture riding last week with 2 pigtails, crazy shirt, leggings, shorts, boots and a green tutu.  It was quite a get-up.

Even when you're 15, terribly mature, and have your driver's permit; when you are at your grandma's house at Easter, you gotta hunt some eggs.  But mostly, you just gotta do silly poses and be goofy.

Gracie surveying the piled trees and (literally) dreaming of greener pastures and loping on a horse through those pastures when all the work is done.

My parents some times drive these crazy trucks and the boys had to check it out.  My boys have enjoyed all the recent exposure to cool trucks and backhoes and all that manly fun stuff.  
I'll try my best to be a better blogger!  Pictures of land clearing and large bonfires soon!

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