Thursday, March 7, 2013

Over the Moon

My Gracie Pearl is over the moon for her new horse.

Meet the newest addition to our Farm Family.  This is Lucy, she is a 9 year old Paint!  A Paint, though she doesn't have Paint horse markings.  She was a little jittery on her arrival and is taking a bit to get acclimated to all the changes in her life, but she's going to fit in quite well. 

Gracie was a little disappointed when she chose to investigate her knew home instead of snuggling and loving on her like Saxie does.  But, she realizes that these things take time.  Lucy is going to be a great riding horse.  I'm sure I'll be posting some pictures as we spend ALL next week on Spring Break riding and playing outside!  Lets all say a prayer for some beautiful weather!

Saxie and Lucy seem to be getting along quite nicely too!  We weren't quite sure how they would fit together, but they quickly have become inseparable.  The bets are still being taken about who will be the dominate mare.  I am betting on Lucy.  She finished her food and went after Saxie's and didn't get much protest.  We'll have to keep them separate during feeding time.  Daniel is excited because now he can ride along with Gracie on Saxie.

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