Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Need You Now

Need You Now is a new novel by Beth Wiseman.  It is a contemporary novel (Beth Wiseman generally writes Christian Amish fiction) and it is a book that focuses on a modern Christian family with teenagers.  The book delves into some really true-to-life issues such as working mothers, marriage stress, and cutting.  Most of these issues are really well done in my opinion.
The story focuses on middle-aged stay-at-home Texas mom, Darlene with three teenage children (that's a rare heronine).  She faces the normal struggles so many of us face, financial stress, wanting to stay home for the children, going back to work, loneliness, marriage troubles, and some struggles a little more extreme, such as her daughter's cutting.  The emotions are very real, even if the solutions may sometimes come a little too easy.  Overall, the book is really likeable, and I think it is a good book to increase awareness about cutting.  It has become so common among youth today, and so many parents, like the story's heroine, are unaware of the problem. 
I would highly recommend this book, it's a nice read.  The book is available by Thomas Nelson for $15.99.  You can click the link HERE to purchase the book, and to see other books by Beth Wiseman, her Amish books look pretty interesting.  Need You Now is part of digital experiment where you can get the first half of the book on an e-reader or digital download for .99 cents -then you have to purchase the second half.  Go to the link for more details, or look it up where you usually purchase digital books.  I looked it up on Barnes and Noble's site and the 2nd half was $10.29, making it a little less expensive to purchase the book through that format.
Need You Now was given to me for the purposes of review only.

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