Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Total Christmas Fail

Okay I am going to excuse myself from partial responsibility for all my Christmas fails with the reasoning that I got sick about 4 days before and struggled to completely recover. But, in reality it isn't much of an excuse. Now, let me say, we had a beyond fabulous Christmas! Which goes to show you, no matter how good you are at organizing, making sure all "t's" are crossed and that kind of thing, it turns out okay in the end. Usually. It's called Grace.

Like most people I desire a magazine perfectly decorated house, amazing craft and project activities for the kids that dazzle minds, handmade gifts that I pull out and they are perfect. Wonderful music plays elegantly in the background, thoughtful, unexpected surprises I cleverly pop out to the the awe of my family and friends. Brilliant baked goods. Perfectly selected, thoughtful gifts, so artfully wrapped the recipient just stares and doesn't want to open it. Amazed gasps. Roaring applause. That kind of thing. Then - the unexpected guest drops by bringing a gift - you know, the person YOU didn't think of - and not to be caught off guard, I turn (with my supercape swirling in the breeze) to my special supermom closet of specially prepared "extra gifts" if you know what I mean, and pull out just the right thing, "Oh, yes, and here's your gift I was just about to bring it over to you!" Truth is my Christmas decoration planned for the front gate was a total fail when I spelled Believe wrong. I have a BA in English, ya'll. All my handmade projects were a total fail, I forgot gifts for like 6 people, INCLUDING, mind you, my parents! (To my credit, they always say "Don't buy us anything!" -but everyone knows you are not supposed to listen when your parents say that). I ended up running out for a past last minute gift for a much loved uncle, forgot most of the food I was supposed to bring to my in-laws, and ended up gaping empty handed a couple times when unexpected guests showed up -with no super cape at all. One of the kids wrapped the ONLY handmade gift (a decorated bird feeder) before I could scrape off the large label goo all over the side. And I didn't unwrap & fix it. Lovely. And Christmas cards? Well, I had the kids write, "from all of us" on their handmade cards. Does that count? I was doing pretty well at the beginning of December, how did this happen?

So, to all I forgot, maybe I'll send over a Ground Hog's Day present. I've never been very good at Christmas cards. Maybe I'll start sending Easter cards or something. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy a relaxing week and leave the super suit off for a while. It didn't fit too well anyway. Remind me to read this post again in early November and do better next year. But, I guess I did well with what really matters. We honored Jesus and there was plenty of peace and love in our home. It wasn't like I was stressed to get these things done. I was lost in some happy, air-headed fog and then at just the absolute wrong moment it hit me like a Homer Simpson, "Doh!" and that's it. So, it just goes to show you the wonders of Grace. Who wants to wear a super suit anyway? Very unflattering.

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