Thursday, November 17, 2011

No fun Maifun

I had an epic fail cooking experiment this week. I forgot that I was supposed to bring a salad to a ladies event. So, I quickly scrambled -'cause you just can't bring lettuce, you gotta jazz it up or something, right? So I remembered this Maifun we had in the pantry. Basically freaky chinese rice sticks. I heard that you fry them and they puff up kinda cool in a neat, crispy bird's nest looking monstrosity. I, as a rule never fry ... though not for nutritional reasons, it's just too messy & stinky. So, I thought I'd make some Terriakki chicken, lettuce, chick peas, soy sauce, + weird noodles = cool, Asian salad. I combined the noodles just before serving so they'd be crispy and they just kind of turned to hard-rock twigs. Not sure what happened there, but it was pretty yucky. After time (the next day - there were lots of leftovers) they got soft and were edible, but the point is they should be crispy & crunchy. Oh well. I find it best to lower potluck expectations for myself. And on the plus side I find I am rarely asked to serve on church kitchen or hospitality committees. Golden rule of potluck: Never experiment on people other than your immediate family. My poor family.

My Gracie got braces this week. It's been pretty rough - they hurt, but I like the way the dentist is taking it in stages. I can't imagine her getting top and bottom at the same time. She chose blue rubber bands and requested that daddy take off work to go with her to get them. He is such an amazing daddy and just has the insight to stop and speak the Word or pray with our kids and help them find peace from God in scary situations. Love that about him. I tend to be too much of a, "it'll be okay...get over it" kind of parent and I SO appreciate his compassion with our kids.

We spent some time snuggled up and reading together. We've been giving Gracie some extra attention and TLC. And lots of soup and yogurt.

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