Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Musings

There is just something about the house all cozy with a Christmas tree. I just love it. I've been meaning to replace this tree every year for about 3 years. It is really a mass of dead lights. A pre-lit tree that doesn't pre-light. But every year I pack it up at the end of the season and every year I get it out at the beginning of the next and I don't have the heart to make the kids (or me) put off decorating until I go find a replacement. Plus, I always promise myself I'll hit the after Christmas sales. This year I resolve to throw it away and not pack it up so that I will be forced to replace it!

We enjoyed our relaxing little Thanksgiving meal at home. The food was wonderful and we actually still have a few leftovers. We used the good china, we had conversation starter questions everyone had to answer, and Gracie made placecards where we would all know where to sit.

Second to the big guy upstairs, I gotta say I give thanks for that guy over in that chair most of all. Wednesday will be 20 years of amazing marriage to an amazing guy. I'm still so crazy about him, he makes my heart all a-flutter.

We spent some time crafting and playing around with some Christmas craft ideas. We have a huge trashbag full of fabric scraps and the girls and I were trying to figure out how to use it.

We got to spend some time with good friends and play outside ALOT all week. We had some wonderful weather. It has dropped down to the 30's this morning though. It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. I have truly never been this behind on Christmas shopping, so I am hoping to get after some of that soon. Meanwhile, I hope you have a blessed week as we move into December already! Wow! We have to really be intentional not to get overwhelmed during December as we hit not only the normal church, work, family, and holiday activities, but also 2 kid's birthdays and the final one just a few days into January. I'll be praying for grace and peace!

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