Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Protected Life? Armed for Battle?

Yeah. You thought this was going to be some spiritual post or something, didn't you? So not. Although I can see this turning into a great Ephesians 6 sermon illustration by my husband about wearing the full armor.Have you ever wondered what daily life is like for the football greats? Okay, me either. Maybe it might look a little like this... It doesn't look very comfortable to me. (I made him take off the helmet to eat, although I must say, he tried.) Boys will never cease to amaze or confuse me. From his early days when I complained to my husband about my boy's boyness, my husband always says, "Tara, when you're a boy, sometimes you've just got to ____" (fill in the blank here with various bone-head, daring, or otherwise puzzling activities). I guess the same logic applies here: When you are a boy, sometimes you've just got to wear your football pads and helmet all day. Okay then.

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