Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Midnight's New Home

Midnight finally found a place to hang around at our new house. Gracie loves that old, tired horse. She found a great shady spot under a horseapple tree.

Gracie and I are at preteen camp this week! By the time this post goes up, you should probably say a quick prayer for me - for strength and patience! ...And of course I had to include some pictures of the other two as well. Daniel is getting so brown. He had a great time with his dad on the mission trip to Colorado. He is starting pee wee football next week and golf camp is 2 weeks away, so he still has a lot going on.

Ally is going to her 2nd youth camp the day Gracie and I get back! She's had a pretty busy summer, but it has been lots of fun! She has taken care of the house all week with me gone - cooking and cleaning -of course I'm not home yet, so I am speaking in faith. She once got a tiny burn making cookies in the oven as a 2nd grader and has a terrible oven-phobia as a result. I am hoping she will conquer her kitchen fears this week.

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