Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Great Divide - Part 2

Daniel found a turtle. I don't have a problem with keeping strange animals found in the woods, but then there's that whole feeding them and not killing them thing. And really I'd really prefer not to have to catch various bugs to please a reptile's appetite. So, I had the brillant suggestion of destroying this poor animal's God given camoflauge by painting him with paint markers. THEN, we can let it go and maybe find it again. Kind of like a big, very hard game of hide and seek. For once a turtle might actually be fun to play with.

He even put his name and phone number on it so if anyone else found it, they could return it. He was happy, and we don't have a turtle.

The girls new room had not yet been divided into 2 separate rooms. We did this before at our old house by making a more "permanent" divider with plywood and dressers. Their new room has a larger area to divide (16ft), so it was a bit challenging. Notice Gracie's bed is still on the floor as I cook up an awesome plan for a platform/storage bed. We were pretty happy with the results of Daddy's genius. This solution being a bit less permanent, the girls can open it up when they need more room, or if they have a lot of company.

We used a 16ft closet rod held up with some pvc fittings screwed into the ceiling. We bought sheets for the divider. They wouldn't let me get too many pictures because their rooms were both pretty messy.

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